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Senior External School (Year 11-12)

Mathematics Methods - Term 2, 2020

Chas Khokhar
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Introduction to functions, rates of change, periodic applications, exponential and logarithmic functions, derivatives, integration, and statistical analysis.

Mathematics B:

  • Is a pre-requisite for tertiary studies in many fields such as engineering, science and technology, finance;
  • helps to make informed decisions in areas such as buying and selling a house, superannuation, interpreting media presentations;
  • is important as concepts and application of functions, rates of change, overall change and optimisation are used in the professional setting;
  • develops analytical and problem-solving skills useful in everyday life;
  • provides the capacity to justify and communicate in a variety of forms; and
  • has provided a basis for the development of technology it has substantially influenced the evolution of technology.

Here is the course outline:

1. April Exam and Instructions

- Exam Instructions are now available - The Exam will be available half-an-hour before the exam start time

2. Pre-April Notes

In this Module are my class notes from my evening class (for topics covered before the April Exam).

3. Introduction to Differential Calculus

4. UNIT 3 - TOPIC 1

The Logarithmic Function 2

5. UNIT 3 - TOPIC 2

Further Differentiation and Applications 2

6. UNIT 3 - TOPIC 3

Integrals (Antidifferentiation)

7. UNIT 4 - TOPIC 1 and TOPIC 2

Further Differentiation and Applications 3 Trigonometry

8. UNIT 4 - TOPICS 3, 4, 5

Probability and Statistics

9. Work Plan - 2020

Our Work Plan for 2020. This Work Plan may be subject to change/adaptation.

10. Tutorials

Material Covered in the Monday and Wednesday Tutorials

11. Complex Unfamiliar Questions

For students aiming for a high grade.

12. Calculus Revision Quizzes

Currently, these quizzes are sporadic. However, they will increase in frequency after the August exam to help keep your calculus nice and sharp!

13. Graphics Calculator - Important Skills

Important Skills! Useful Tricks and Programs for your Graphics Calculator.


These are the checklists that are also embedded in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Lessons of each module. Answers will be provided (eventually...)

15. June Exam and Instructions

This Tab contains the following three (3) documents: - Formula Sheet - June MM P1 - June MM P2

16. Mock Exams

This Module contains copies of the weekly Mock Exams. Answers (marking scheme) are also provided.

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