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Senior External School (Year 11-12)

Accounting 2020

Julie Ryan
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Learning the process or work of keeping financial accounts.

Studying Accounting will:

  • Introduce me to an area of education which I have not studied before;
  • Help me to understand my bank statements, bills, credit card statements etc;
  • Help me to understand and appreciate news reports and investment information;
  • Provide a skill which may be useful for a part time job;
  • Help me to become better organized;
  • Give me useful knowledge for the future with my own small business; and
  • Provide an introduction to studying accounting at University.

Here is the course outline:

1. April Exam and Instructions

- Exam Instructions are now available - The Exam will be available half-an-hour before the exam start time

2. Stationery

Blank forms

3. Files for Peter

4. Lessons

5. Files for Christian

6. Files for Will

7. Files for Jordan

8. June Exam and Instructions

This tab contains the following: - June Exam Question and Response Booklet

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