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Senior External School (Year 11-12)


Marion Illich
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The academic study of English is the study of communication in all of its various forms.

English studies involve:

  • the integration of the skills of speaking, listening and critical thinking with the skills of reading and writing;
  • the mastery of practices using traditional and new communication technologies;
  • teaching students to interpret, construct and make judgments about the meanings of texts in a range of contexts for different audiences and purposes;
  • focusing on meaning making; and 
  • the development of knowledge and understanding across all areas of the curriculum.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Introduction to this subject

2. composing extended prose and working with textual features

1 - Reflective Writing 2 - Short Story Writing 3 - Essay Writing (Analytical Exposition)

3. Preparing for the study of the novel and non-fiction

1 - "The Book Thief" 2 - "The Happiest Refugee"

4. Understanding the requirements of the study of media

We will examine in detail the varying purposes of different documentaries and evaluate the objectivity of the documentary makers.

5. Understanding the requirements for the study of poetry

1 - Compare the representation of a concept in two of the notified poems. 2 - Analyse the way the poets construct their representations through the use of: Poetic devices (imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, mood, tone etc), foregrounding, privileging, gaps, silences.

6. Past Exams - Internal

7. Past Exams - Internal

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