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Senior External School (Year 11-12)

Modern History

Debra Dickson
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Through the study of Modern History, students can understand why our modern world is the way that it is.

Modern History has the ability to improve citizens’ open and reasoned debate with the wider community, increase effective participation with in society, enhance the democratic processes, and strengthen individual and social wellbeing. 

Cooperative and competitive processes shape societies, and understanding these processes is central to explaining social behaviour and to evaluating the performance of a social system. The social sciences equip people with tools and strategies to improve social processes and their outcomes at the collective and individual levels.


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Introduction to this subject

2. Theme 1 National History

This unit explores the events which have shaped Australia today

3. Theme 2: Studies of Conflict - Causes of WWII

The causes of WWII.

4. 4. Theme 2: Studies of Conflict - Feminism

The waves of Feminism and social/cultural conflict

5. Theme 3: Study of Change

China: Mao and his legacy

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