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Senior External School (Year 11-12)

Ancient History

David Heywood
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The study of history of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean area and the Near East up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.

History is about change. It looks at people over times past and present in different societies, noticing and explaining their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, and interpreting their reactions to the various pressures, conditions and events that induce change.

The ultimate purpose of studying history is to give meaning to our own life — a personal statement of identity. We incorporate into our own experiences and understandings the examples and case studies of other peoples who have expressed their hopes, endured conflicts, lived ordinary lives within their environment, and in their localities.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

1 - Historical sources 2 - Archaeological methods

2. Personalities in History

Egypt – Pharos of the New Kingdoms

3. Influence of Groups in Ancient Societies

Women in Ancient Greece

4. Studies of Power

Rome - Marius, Sulla and Augustus

5. Exam Preparation

Past Exams

6. Preparation for April Exam

7. Ancient History Subject Handouts 2019

Class handouts to be used for further study.

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